Vacancy Updates 2018



As a church family we believe that prayer is important - and are committed to praying together for the Vacancy, and for the person God is calling to be our next Rector.

As well as prayer during services and in home groups there will be an opportunities to pray together on the last Saturday of each month.


Shortlisting and Interviews

Shortlisting took place on Thursday 27th September for the post of Rector of St Peter's Farnborough.  Visits to the parish and interviews will be held on 17th and 18th October.


Parish Profile Approved and Parish Representatives Appointed

The PCC met on Monday 30th July, with the Area Dean, and completed the next formal part of the process for the recruitment of our new Rector.  The Parish Profile was approved and the PCC agreed that CPAS should advertise the post.  The two Parish Representatives, who will take part in the shortlisting and interview process, were agreed. They are Tom Norbron and Margaret Taylor.

Advertising will start on 3rd September, when the Profile will be published.  Members of the church will be able to have access to a copy then.  Please be praying for the Parish Representatives as they have a significant responsibility on behalf of us all. 

If you have any questions about the process, then please ask Graham or Mary, churchwardens.


The PCC and Vacancy Team want to thank all those who took time to complete the 'short' and 'longer' surveys in the past couple of months.  450 people completed the short survey and 140 people completed the longer survey.  The information from these surveys has helped the PCC and Vacancy Team in preparing and shaping the 'Parish Profile'.


You can download a copy of our leaflet "So the Rector's leaving..." here.