Stewardship 2018

Thank you...

Together, over 300 families, couples and individuals gave £307,835 in 2017. Thank you! In addition we were able to reclaim £65,973 in Gift Aid.  This enabled us to fund a packed year of mission, ministry and maintenance!

Two challenges and a project for 2018!
  • We will need to raise an additional £8,900 this year. This increase allows us to continue to enable our vision.  This includes looking to have an intern working with us from September 2018 - ‘empowering a young generation to live for Christ’
  • We didn’t manage to appoint a part-time Contemporary Worship Music Leader in 2017.  We believe that it is necessary to increase the hours offered in order to attract the right candidate.  Could you pledge to contribute towards the salary of £15,000 in addition to your regular giving?  We will only ask for this money when an appointment is made.  We would ask for this commitment to be an ongoing rather than one-off or one-year commitment.
  • You will have noticed the lighting in church is beginning to fail. A small group are looking at proposals to update, improve and make our lighting more energy efficient!  No need to do anything yet, but a heads up that there is likely to be a special project later in 2018.

Download a Stewardship 2018 leaflet here.