Leeson Generation Grid

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The Leeson Generation Grid is used to help you locate the individual you are looking for. Where given, the letter indicates the probable generation of the individual.

Generation letter Year of birth
H 1590-1619
I 1620-1649
J 1650-1679
K 1680-1709
L 1710-1739
M 1740-1769
N 1770-1799
O 1800-1829
P 1830-1859
Q 1860-1889
R 1890-1919
S 1920-1949
T 1950-1979
U 1980-2009

Where a double letter is given, this should be interpreted as follows:

A 'Leeson' of MM indicates born 1740-1769
  MN   1740-1799
  MO   1740-1829