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These web pages contain the MIs from the church and churchyard of the Church of St Peter's Farnborough, Hampshire. Wherever possible, previous transcripts have been collated to produce a single, comprehensive transcript. Alternative readings are given where appropriate.

The latest survey was requested by the Rector, the Rev Alan Boddington in 1989 and was carried out by Messrs C Wood and K Saunders.

Also included are the following:-

  • A list of those known to be interred in the Garden of Remembrance up to 5th Jan 1991.
  • An undated transcript of a list of persons buried in the vault of the church made by Joseph James BUCKMASTER while Rev Robert Francis SCOTT was Rector of Farnborough (1862-1878)is included.  The original of this list was (at one time) held by Robert Francis Joseph BUCKMASTER.
  •  Extracts from "The History of Farnborough" by Rev A E KINCH.

The photographs of the Monumental Inscriptions included are the best that are currently available to us.  Where a photograph is not included this is because we do not have a photograph of that MI. If you have a better photograph of any of the MIs or you have photographs of MIs where no photograph has been included please e-mail the St Peter's Webmaster with the details so that it can be added to the website. 

List of Transcribers

AEK Rev A E KINCH "The History of Farnborough"
AT Alan TAYLOR 1972?
BT Beaumont THOMAS
CW Cecil WOODS 1989
JC Mrs Jessie CHALLACOMBE "Jottings from a Farnborough Notebook"
KVS Kenneth V SAUNDERS 1989
LHS Farnborough & District Local History Society, undated
MT Margaret TAYLOR 1982?

This transcript was edited and indexed by K V Saunders, 1991.