Terms and Conditions for use of St Peter's Parish Centre

After the event/locking up

Please ensure that everything is left clean and tidy. If you are a key holder, you should ensure that no-one remains on the premises, that all windows are closed, that all outer doors are locked and that the alarm is set. If you are not a key holder DO NOT leave the premises until someone has arrived to lock up. In the event of any difficulty please contact the Caretaker named on the Notice Board in the downstairs foyer.


When you arrive for your event the premises should be in good order. If there is anything untoward, please enter details in the book in the foyer, speak to the Caretaker or a member of Office staff if this is more applicable. Any breakages/damage should be recorded in the same book. Nothing is to be stuck on the walls (with Blue-tack or sellotape) but only affixed to the display boards provided. Nothing is to be stuck to the floor including masking tape or gaffer tape. Any furniture should be returned to the place from which it was taken.

Breakages/damage/excess rubbish

Should the need arise for cleaning the premises after your event or in the event of culpable damage, we reserve the right to recover any costs from the user responsible. You are responsible for removing excess rubbish (more than one bin full).


It is not normal policy to give a refund in the event of cancellation. The party making the booking is strongly recommended to effect its own insurance cover against cancellation costs and expenses. If the PCC (church) is obliged to cancel a confirmed booking due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, the liability of the PCC to the party making the booking will be limited to returning any fees already paid.

Children and Vulnerable Adults

You are required to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are protected at all times by taking all reasonable steps to prevent the occurrence of any injury, loss, damage or harm. Regular users of the Parish Centre will be required to sign a declaration that they have read and understood the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy & Procedures or that they agree to abide by their own organisation’s safeguarding procedures which include the vetting of employees / volunteers using the Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure Service.


Users are responsible for the conduct of the persons using the premises during their hiring and must prevent, as far as possible, any conduct which may cause damage or upset to other users or to neighbours. Evening users should vacate the premises no later than 10.15pm. Activities that are contrary to the church's teaching (e.g. raffles, gambling, crystals, yoga) are not permitted.


For single events, full fees of less than £90 are due at the time of booking. For fees in excess of £90 a deposit of 25% is due at the time of booking; the full amount payable 12 weeks before the event takes place. For recurring bookings hirers will be invoiced in advance.

Fire Safety

As the ‘responsible person’ for your event you should be aware of all persons present and familiarise yourself with the location of fire exits. The fire doors may only be kept open with the, installed, self-closing door stops and must not be wedged open in any other way. Escape routes must be kept clear. Fire extinguishers are to be used by trained personnel only. Candles may only be used with prior authorisation. In the event of the Fire Alarm sounding, get everyone out of the building, make sure they stay out and call the Fire Brigade. You should ensure that all members of your group exit the building and proceed to the designated assembly point, which is the school car park. On arrival of the fire brigade you must inform them of anyone that may still be in the building.


St Peter's PCC is insured against claims arising out of its own negligence, this insurance, however does not indemnify any outside group hiring the premises. You are strongly advised to ensure that you and/or your group and invitees are adequately insured against all claims arising as a result of the hire. Individuals are advised to check with their household insurers to ensure they are covered for their event. Commercial organisations will be required to show proof of public liability insurance.


The kitchen may only be used by persons over the age of eighteen and who have been adequately trained for their tasks. We would usually expect at least one person to hold an up to date Food Handling and Hygiene Certificate issued or approved by St Peter’s. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that at least one person using the kitchen facilities fulfils these criteria.


Save in the case of death or personal injury caused by our negligence, our liability for any injury, damage or loss sustained in connection with or arising from the use of our premises is limited to an amount equal to the fees paid for the use of the premises.


NO SMOKING is to take place anywhere on the premises and alcohol may only be consumed during a social function as part of a meal. No alcohol is to be sold and no gambling is to take place.

Emergency contacts

In the event of any serious occurrence, please contact immediately the Caretaker named on the Notice Board in the downstairs foyer.

October 2019